Peer-reviewed Journal and Standards

  • Anum Khurshid and Shahid Raza
    AutoCert: Automated TOCTOU-secure Digital Certification for IoT with combined Authentication and Assurance
    Computers & Security (Elsevier), October 2022 (Accepted)
    (Impact Factor: 5.105)

  • Anum Khurshid, Reem Alsaaidi, Mudassar Aslam, Shahid Raza
    EU Cybersecurity Act and IoT Certification: Landscape, Perspective and a Proposed Template Scheme
    IEEE Access Journal, November 2022.
    (Impact Factor 3.476) 

  • Anum Khurshid, Sileshi D. Yalew, Mudassar Aslam, Shahid Raza
    ShieLD: Shielding Cross-zone Communication within Limited-resourced IoT Devices running Vulnerable Software Stack
    IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing, January 2022
    (Impact Factor: 7.32) (Download)

  • Anum Khurshid, Sileshi Yalew, Mudassar Aslam, Shahid Raza.
    TEE-Watchdog: Mitigating unauthorized activities within Trusted Execution Environments in ARM-based low-power IoT devices.
    Security and Communication Networks (Wiley), March 2022
    (Impact Factor: 1.79)

  • Hampus Lundberg, Nishat I. Mowla, Sarder F. Abedin, Kyi Thar, Aamir Mahmood, Mikael Gidlund, and Shahid Raza
    Experimental Analysis of Trustworthy In-Vehicle Intrusion Detection System using eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)
    IEEE Access Journal, September 2022. [DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3208573]
    (Impact Factor 3.476) (Download)

  • Peter van der Stok, Panos Kampanakis, Michael Richardson, Shahid Raza
    IETF RFC 9148: Enrollment over Secure Transport with the Secure Constrained Application Protocol, August 2021

  • Valaenthin Tratter, Mudassar Aslam, and Shahid Raza
    VeSIPreS: A Vehicular Soft Integrity Preservation Scheme for Shared Mobility
    Journal of Advanced Transportation, Volume 2021, Article ID 5569331,  June 2021
    (Impact Factor: 3.57) (Download)

  • Joel Höglund, Samuel Lindemer, Martin Furuhed, Shahid Raza
    PKI4IoT: Towards Public Key Infrastructure for the Internet of Things
    Computers & Security journal (Elsevier), Volume 89,Pages 101658, February 2020
    (Impact Factor:  5.105)

  • Mudassar Aslam, Bushra Mohsin, Abdul Nasir, Shahid Raza
    FoNAC - An Automated Fog Node Audit and Certification Scheme
    Computers & Security journal (Elsevier),  April 2020
    (Impact Factor:  5.105)

  • Salvador Pérez, José Luis Hernández Ramos, Shahid Raza, Antonio Skarmeta
    Application Layer Key Establishment for End-to-End Security in IoT
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 7(3), 2117-2128, March 2020
    (Impact Factor: 11.70)

  • Mudassar Aslam, Simon Bouget, Shahid Raza
    Security and Trust Preserving Inter- and Intra-Cloud VM Migrations
    International Journal of Network Management (Wiley), February 2020
    (Impact Factor: 1.33)

  • Marco Tiloca, Gianluca Dini, Kiki Rizki, Shahid Raza
    Group rekeying based on member join history
    International Journal of Information Security (Springer), July 2019
    (Impact Factor: 1.49)

  • Shahid Raza and Rúnar Már Magnússon
    TinyIKE: Lightweight IKEv2 for Internet of Things
    IEEE Internet of Things Journal, 6(1), 856–866, February 2019
    (Impact Factor: 11.70) [BibTex]

  • Kiki Rizki, Argyro Lamproudi, Marco Tiloca and Shahid Raza
    Group-IKEv2 for Multicast IPsec in the Internet of Things
    International Journal of Security and Networks, 14(1), 10–22, March 2019
    (Inderscience, double blind) [BibTex]

  • Shahid Raza, Tómas Helgason, Panos Papadimitratos, Thiemo Voigt
    SecureSense: End-to-End Secure Communication Architecture for the Cloud-connected Internet of Things
    Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier), vol. 77, page 40-51, December 2017
    (Impact Factor: 6.125) [BibTex]

  • Shahid Raza, Prasant Misra, Zhitao He, Thiemo Voigt
    Building the Internet of Things with Bluetooth Smart
    Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), vol. 53, p. 19-31, March 2017
    (Impact Factor: 3.64) [BibTex]  

  • Marco Tiloca, Kirill Nikitin, Shahid Raza
    Axiom - DTLS-based secure IoT group communication
    ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, vol. 16, no. 3, page 66:1--66:29, April 2017
    (Impact Factor: 1.36) [BibTex]

  • Shahid Raza, Ludwig Seitz, Denis Sitenkov, Göran Selander.
    S3K: Scalable Security with Symmetric Keys - DTLS Key Establishment for the Internet of Things. 
    IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering, 13(3), 1270–1280, July 2016.
    (Impact Factor: 4.93) [BibTex]

  • Ibrahim Ethem Bagci, Shahid Raza*, Utz Roedig, Thiemo Voigt.
    Fusion: Coalesced Confidential Storage and Communication Framework for the IoT. 
    Journal of Security and Communication Networks (Wiley), 9(15), 2656–2673, October 2016. 
    (Impact Factor: 0.806) [BibTex]
    * Corresponding  Author

  • Kasun Hewage, Shahid Raza*, Thiemo Voigt.
    An Experimental Study of Attacks on the Availability of Glossy.
    International Journal of Computers & Electrical Engineering 
    (Elsevier), 41(c), 115-12, March 2015 
    (Impact Factor: 2.66) 
    [BibTex][Request a copy]
    * Corresponding  Author

  •  Christian Rohner, Shahid Raza, Daniele Puccinelli, and Thiemo Voigt.
    Security in Visible Light Communication: Novel Challenges and Opportunities.
    Sensors & Transducers Journal, 192(9), 9-15, September 2015
    (Global Impact Factor: 0.705) [BibTex]

  • Shahid Raza, Simon Duquennoy, Joel Höglund, Utz Roedig, Thiemo Voigt. 
    Secure Communication for the Internet of Things - A Comparison of Link-Layer Security and IPsec for 6LoWPAN. 
    Journal of Security and Communication Networks (Wiley), 7(12), 2654–2668, December 2014.
    IPsec Source Code or checkout from the Contiki repository using the following command,
    svn co ipsec]
    (Impact Factor: 0.806) [BibTex]

  • Shahid Raza, Hossein Shafagh, Kasun Hewage, René Hummen, Thiemo Voigt. 
    Lithe: Lightweight Secure CoAP for the Internet of Things. 
    IEEE Sensors Journal, 13(10), 3711-3720, October 2013.
    (Impact Factor:  3.07)
    [source code][BibTex[Request a copy]
    Hurrah! One of the 25 most downloaded Sensors Journal papers, according to the IEEE Sensors Council]

  • Shahid Raza, Linus Wallgren, Thiemo Voigt. 
    SVELTE: Real-time Intrusion Detection in the Internet of Things.
    Ad Hoc Networks (Elsevier), 11(8), 2661-2674, November, 2013
    (Impact Factor: 3.64). [
    source code IDS][source code Mini-firewall][BibTex]

  • Linus Wallgren, Shahid Raza*, and Thiemo Voigt.
    Routing Attacks and Countermeasures in the RPL-Based Internet of Things.
    International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, vol. 2013, Article ID 794326, 11 pages, 2013. doi:10.1155/2013/794326. 
    (Impact Factor:  0.906) [Source code RPL attacks][BibTex]
    * Corresponding  Author

  • Prasant Misra, Luca Mottola, Shahid Raza, Simon Duquennoy, Nicolas Tsiftes, Joel Höglund, Thiemo Voigt.
    Supporting Cyber-Physical Systems with Wireless Sensor Networks: An Outlook of Software and Services. 
    Journal of the Indian Institute of Science,  vol 93(3), 2013.
    [ISSN: 0970-4140, Publishing since 1914]

  • Auriba Raza, Iftikhar A. Raja, Shahid Raza
    Land-use Change Analysis of District Abbottabad Pakistan: Taking Advantage of GIS and Remote Sensing.
    Science Vision, vol 18( 1&2), 2012. 

Peer-reviewed Conferences

  • Joel Höglund, Anum Khurshid, Shahid Raza. AC-SIF: ACE Access Control for Standardized Secure IoT Firmware Updates. The Sixteenth International Conference on Emerging Security Information, Systems and Technologies (SECURWARE 2022), October 16-20 2022.

  • Joel Höglund, Shahid Raza. BLEND: Efficient and blended IoT data storage and communication with application layer security. IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security and Resilience (CSR 2022), 27-29 July 2022. 

  • Joel Höglund, Martin Furuhed, Shahid Raza. Towards Automated PKI Trust Transfer for IoT. The 3rd International Conference on Public Key Infrastructure and Its Applications (PKIA 2022), September 9-10 2022.

  • Jämes Ménétrey, Christian Göttel, Anum Khurshid, Marcelo Pasin, Pascal Felber, Valerio Schiavoni and Shahid Raza. Attestation Mechanisms for Trusted Execution Environments Demystified. The 22nd International Conference on Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems (DAIS 2022), June 13-17, 2022, Lucca, Italy 

  • Joel Höglund, Shahid Raza. LICE: Lightweight certificate enrollment for IoT using application layer security. The 9th IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (CNS 2021), 4-6 October, 2021 [online due to COVID-19]

  • Han Wang, Luis M. Gonzalez, David Eklund, Shahid Raza. Non-IID Data Re-balancing at IoT Edge with Peer-to-peer Federated Learning for Anomaly Detection. The 14th ACM Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile, Networks (ACM WiSec'21), June 28 - July 01, 2021, Abu Dhabi, UAE. [online due to COVID-19]

  • Simon Bouget, Martin Furuhed, Shahid Raza. Establishing end-to-end secure channel for IoT devices through an untrusted C-ITS network. The 7th International Conference on Vehicle Technology and Intelligent Transport Systems (VEHITS), [online due to COVID-19], 28-30 April, 2021

  • Samuel Lindemer, Gustav Midéus, Shahid Raza. Real-time Thread Isolation and Trusted Execution on Embedded RISC-V. First International Workshop on Secure RISC-V Architecture Design Exploration (SECRISC-V'20), August 23, 2020, Boston, Massachusetts, USA

  • EunSeong Boo, Shahid Raza, Joel Höglund, JeongGil Ko. FDTLS: Supporting DTLS-based Combined Storage and Communication Security for IoT Devices. IEEE MASS 2019, Security and Privacy Track, November 4-7, 2019, Monterey, California, USA

  • Samuel Lindemer, Anum Khurshid, Han Wang, Martin Furuhed, and Shahid Raza. Automating IoT Security: The EU CONCORDIA Approach. IEEE Internet of Things Newsletter, November 2019

  • Han Wang, Luis Barriga, Arash Vahidi, Shahid Raza. Machine Learning for Security at the IoT Edge - A Feasibility Study. International Workshop on Machine Learning Security and Privacy: Experiences and Applications (WISECML), IEEE MASS 2019, November 4 - 7, 2019, Monterey, CA, USA

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  • Eunseong Boo, Shahid Raza, Joel Höglund, JeongGil Ko. Poster: FDTLS - A security framework that coalescing storage and network security with DTLS. ACM MobiSys'19, 17-21 June, 2019, Seoul, South Korea

  • Santiago Aragon, Marco Tiloca, Max Maass, Matthias Hollick and Shahid Raza. ACE of Spades in the IoT Security Game: A Flexible IPsec Security Profile for Access Control. The 6th IEEE Conference on Communications and Network Security (IEEE CNS 2018), 30 May-1 June 2018, Beijing, China

  • Hyuksang Kwon, Shahid Raza, and JeongGil Ko. POSTER: On Compressing PKI Certificates for Resource Limited Internet of Things Devices. ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ACM ASIA CCS ’18), June 4–8, 2018, Incheon, Republic of Korea

  • Alexandre Peyrard, Simon Duquennoy, Nikolai Kosmatov, and Shahid Raza. Towards Formal Verification of Contiki OS: Analysis of the AES-CCM* Modules with Frama-C. EWSN'18 workshop on Recent Advances in Secure Management of Data and Resources in the IoT (RED-IOT), February 14, 2018, Madrid, Spain

  • Filip Forsby, Martin Furuhed, Panos Papadimitratos and Shahid Raza. Lightweight X.509 Digital Certificates for the Internet of Things. 4th EAI International Conference on Safety and Security in Internet of Things. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 242),  November 6–7, 2017, Valencia, Spain

  • Kasun Hewage, Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt. Protecting Glossy-based Wireless Networks from Packet Injection Attacks. The 14th International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (MASS'17), October 22-25, 2017, Orlando, Florida, USA

  • Mohamed Ahmed Abdelraheem, Anass Sedrati and Shahid Raza. Blockchain and IoT: Mind the Gap. 4th EAI International Conference on Safety and Security in Internet of Things. Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering book series (LNICST, volume 242), November 6–7, 2017, Valencia, Spain.

  • Dharmini Shreenivas, Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt. Intrusion Detection in the RPL-connected 6LoWPAN Networks. In the ACM 3rd International Workshop on IoT Privacy, Trust, and Security (IoTPTS 2017), co-located with the ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIA CCS ’17), April 2-6, 2017, Abu Dhabi, UAE. [Bibtex]

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  • Prasant Misra, Shahid Raza, Vasanth Rajaraman, Jay Warrior, and Thiemo Voigt. Poster Abstract: Security Challenges in Indoor Location Sensing using Bluetooth LE Broadcast. In: the 12th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2015), Porto, Portugal, February 9-11, 2015.

  • Oriol Piñol Piñol, Shahid Raza, Joakim Eriksson, Thiemo Voigt. Demo Abstract: BSD-based ECC for the Contiki OS. In: the 12th European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks (EWSN 2015), Porto, Portugal, February 9-11, 2015. 

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  • Ibrahim Ethem Bagci, Shahid Raza, Tony Chung, Utz Roedig, Thiemo Voigt. Combined Secure Storage and Communication for the Internet of Things. In: 10th IEEE International  Conference on Sensing, Communication, and Networking (SECON'13), June 24-27, 2013, New Orleans, USA. 

  • René Hummen, Jan H. Ziegeldorf, Hossein Shafagh, Shahid Raza, Klaus Wehrle. Towards Viable Certificate-based Authentication for the Web of Things. In: ACM Workshop on Hot Topics on Wireless Network Security and Privacy, co-located with ACM WiSec 2013, April 17-19, 2013, Budapest, Hungary. 

  • Daniele Trabalza, Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt. INDIGO: Secure CoAP for Smartphones- Enabling E2E Secure Communication in the 6IoT. In:  Communications in Computer and Information Science, Volume 366, pp 108-119, Springer, 2013. [International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks for Developing Countries (WSN4DC ’13), April 24-26 2013, Jamshoro, Pakistan.] 

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  • Shahid Raza, Daniele Trabalza, Thiemo Voigt. Poster Abstract: 6LoWPAN Compressed DTLS for CoAP. In: 8th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS '12), 16-18 May 2012, Hangzhou, China. 

  • Shahid Raza, Thiemo Voigt, Vilhelm Juvik. Position Paper:- Lightweight IKEv2: A Key Management Solution for both Compressed IPsec and IEEE 802.15.4 Security. In: IETF Workshop on Smart Objects Security, March 23, 2012, Paris, France. 

  • Shahid Raza, Simon Duquennoy, Tony Chung, Dogan Yazar, Thiemo Voigt, Utz Roedig. Securing Communication in 6LoWPAN with Compressed IPsec. In: 7th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS '11), 27-29 June 2011, Barcelona, Spain. 

  • Shahid Raza, Simon Duquennoy, Tony Chung, Dogan Yazar, Thiemo Voigt, Utz Roedig. Demo Abstract: Securing Communication in 6LoWPAN with Compressed IPsec. In: 7th IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing in Sensor Systems (DCOSS '11), 27-29 June 2011, Barcelona, Spain. 
    [BibTiniex] [Source Code]

  • Shahid Raza, Gianluca Dini, Thiemo Voigt, and Mikael Gidlund. Secure Key Renewal in WirelessHART. In: Real-time Wireless for Industrial Applications (RealWin'11), CPS Week, 11-16 April 2011, Chicago, Illinois, USA.

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  • Shahid Raza, Adriaan Slabbert, Thiemo Voigt, Krister Landernäs. Security Considerations for the WirelessHART Protocol. In: 14th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA'09), September 2009, Mallorca, Spain. 

  • Joakim Eriksson, Fredrik Österlind, Thiemo Voigt, Niclas Finne, Shahid Raza, Nicolas Tsiftes, and Adam Dunkels. Demo abstract: accurate power profiling of sensornets with the COOJA/MSPSim simulator. In: Sixth IEEE International Conference on Mobile Ad-hoc and Sensor Systems (IEEE MASS 2009), 12-15 Oct 2009, Macau SAR, P.R.C.. 

Book Chapter

  • Marco Tiloca and Shahid Raza, Security Mechanisms and Technologies for Constrained IoT Devices. In Internet of Things A to Z: Technologies and Applications,  John Wiley & Sons, 9 May 2018. ISBN: 1119456754, 9781119456759

  • Shahid Raza, Chamath Keppitiyagama, Thiemo Voigt. Security and Privacy in the IPv6-Connected Internet of Things. In Cyber-Physical Systems, ISBN 9781498700993, CRC Press, 2016, FL, USA

  • P. Medagliani,  J. Leguay, Andrzej Duda, Franck Rousseau, S. Duquennoy, S. Raza, Gianluigi Ferrari, P. Gonizzi, S. Cirani, L. Veltri, M. Monton, M. Domingo, M. Dohler, I. Villajosana, O. Dupont. Internet of Things Applications - From Research and Innovation to Market Deployment, Bringing IP to Low-power Smart Objects. The River Publishers, pp.287-313, 2014. [PDF]

IETF Internet Draft

Conference Tutorials

  • Joel Höglund, Shahid Raza. Contiki and COOJA Tutorial. In: International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks for Developing Countries (WSN4DC ’13), 24-26 April 2013, Jamshoro, Pakistan. 

Technical Reports

  • Shahid Raza. Secure Communication in WirelessHART and its Integration with Legacy HART. ISSN: 1100-3154, SICS Technical Report (T2011:01), 2011.
  • Shahid Raza, Tony Chung, Simon Duquennoy, Dogan Yazar, Thiemo Voigt, Utz Roedig. Securing Internet of Things with Lightweight IPsec. ISSN: 1100-3154, SICS Technical Report (T2010:08), 2010.


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)Lightweight Security Solutions for the Internet of Things. Mälardalen University Västerås and SICS Swedish ICT, Sweden. 2013.   [The thesis has qualified among the finalists of the 2014 Cor Baayen Award for the best PhD thesis in the field of Informatics and Applied Mathematics]
    Opponent: Dr. Wen Hu, Adjunct Associate Professor at University of New South Wales Australia
    Committee: Dr. Philippas Tsigas, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology
                          Dr. Sonja Buchegger, Associate Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology
                          Dr. Christian Rohner, Senior Researcher at Uppsala University
    Advisor: Professor Thiemo Voigt, Uppsala University, and head NES group at SICS
    Supervisor: Professor Mats Björkman, Mälardalen University Västerås 
    Co-supervisor: Dr. Christian Gehrmann, Docent at Lund University, and head Security Lab at SICS, 
                               Professor Seif Haridi, KTH Stockholm and Chief Scientific Advisor at SICS 

  • Technology of Licentiate (SICS/Mälardalen University). Securing Communication in IP-connected Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks. ISSN: 1651-9256, ISBN: 978-91-7485-021-5, June 13, 2011.
    Reviewer: Prof. Ben Smeets, Lund Tekniska Högskola, Lund, Sweden
    Examiner: Prof. Mikael Sjödin, Mälardalens högskola, Västerås, Sweden
    Supervisors:  Mats Björkman (Mälardalens högskola), Thiemo Voigt (Uppsala University/SICS), Christian Gehrmann (SICS)

  • Master of Science (KTH Stockholm/ABB Västerås). Secure Communication in WMNs (WirelessHART) and its Integration with Legacy HART. March 30, 2009.

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